Antiscam protection

A way towards finding a real beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman who would be sincere and fall for your charm is full of traps.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was accompanied by an explosion of female sexuality which had negative regard in the Soviet epoch. Charm and sexuality of Russian and Ukrainian women were added to their traditional family values, their level of education, their fidelity and ability to love. Millions of Russian and Ukrainian girls having all the qualities for the creation of a happy family have met the problem of the lack of men who have degraded proportionally to the growth of feminine qualities.

The suppression of initiativity in the Soviet epoch has resulted in the inability of many men to adapt to new conditions. Add the men who do not earn enough, who do not have an apartment or a car to offer the minimal comfort to the bride in Russia; also there are men who abuse alcohol and the final picture is 1 man who has a chance to find his other half to 2 beautiful Russian women who are looking for a serious and responsible man to dedicate a life to him.

This is the reason why thousands of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women have turned their glance to the West to find their happiness. And along with them, the same way was followed by the “scammers” – people who enter into virtual or real relationship with the goal of swindling out your money.

So why are there no “scammers” in our agency and why are there more than 50% of them on big dating sites where the registration is made via Internet?

The reason is simple: when a person completes a form in the internet you have no guarantee that the entered information represents the reality. You will see a photo of a beautiful young girl with a perfect body; educated, modest, faithful, a good cook and so on. The first suspicion will be aroused in several weeks after her being positively fallen for your charm. You will learn that her mother is seriously ill or that she has no money to pay the Internet costs, or that she needs a new computer to be able to write letters to you. Do you think you will be able to refuse? The person who writes you is an excellent psychologist, she has a lot of experience, as you are one of several dozen of people whom she’s corresponding. Everything will be finished after you send the money for her mother, for a ticket for a visit to you, or for a computer, which was the goal of her writing to you.

Such dating sites can be very convenient if you are looking for a virtual relationship. But only until the moment when the person you are corresponding with understands that you are not ready to pay at once she will lose all the interest even if you are in the middle of a very interesting correspondence.

Unlike on free sites of dating ads, the ladies come PERSONALLY to register at our dating agency with their passport, we check the authenticity of their photos (or we make them ourselves without applying any changes to the image), and of the personal information given. Thus you have a guarantee that you will meet a REAL Ukrainian woman, sincerely motivated to find the man of her dreams.

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