27/10/2009 – 31/10/2009
My trip has bee prepared at the last minute, the agency team has managed to organize everything! The apartment was very nice in the very center of the city, my meeting with the lady who I hope will lead to a concrete decision of marriage was successful. I want to thank the whole team of the agency and especially to Lili for her kindness and dedication to the organization of my stay. The welcome is warm, the interpreter and the driver do everything with professionalism and sympathy.
Thank you!!!

17/10/2009 – 24/10/2009
I want to thank all the team for their professionalism. I have no complaints. Dmitri, Lili and Ludmila organized a meeting with Lubov who I had chosen on the net. I didn’t do a mistake by choosing the agency – they surprised me by their seriousness. The person I met has made huge sacrifices to be at my side every day. I wish others the same fantastic meeting. Hopefully, Lubov will come to France for the end of the year. Our life together is well under way, but we are careful not to rush.
Merci to all and good luck.
10/14/2009 – 10/17/2009
Ludmila, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and I apologize if at times I put you to inconvenience, but that were undoubtedly the circumstances and environment that inspired me to do so. My trip went well. Dmitri introduced me to the person who was an exact copy of the woman I seek.
Thank you!

04/10/2009 – 15/10/2009
Hello everybody! I want to say thanks to Lilya, the interpreter, and to the whole staff of the agency and also Dima, the director. He is a person of respect. It’s really possible to find the second half in this agency.
I have found the agency’s staff to be very competent. All of them are very friendly and kind. The lady I met is the nicest and prettiest woman in my life.
Philippe Hamon
Hello agency “Uk’Reine” ! I want to thank you, Dmitri, Lili and Ludmila, for the help you have given to Larysa for the visa (it was today). On Friday of the next week I’ll meet her at the airport in Paris and we will spend 10 days together. Whatever will happen next, thank you!
Sincere and friendly greetings,

During my first visit last May I had not found the lady of my heart. I came back for one more week in Kharkov. This time I think I have found her… we exchanged e-mails and phone numbers to continue our acquaintance directly. I think … I hope to visit Kharkov again before she come to visit me in France to get an idea of our possible future together … I’m leaving with a great hope … All of you who still hesitate, I tell you one thing: come … and see! …

Hello to the team, I have spent three weeks of my dreams with OKSANA in France, her coming back was difficult for us. Everything passed very well and I did my best to make her stay perfect. We visited Paris, Versailles, and Mont St. Michel, French Riviera. She came back to Kharkov with 1500 photos and many happy memories. As for heart things, everything is going very well, we’re already planning our next trip. Thanks again to all of you, without whom nothing would have been possible. I am enclosing pictures of us.

Being a cautious person, even more … I however came in Kharkov after consulting with the managers from the website ukreine.com. One conclusion comes to my mind: The agency has a serious encounter project, you should not hesitate! The staff is friendly, safety is guaranteed. All of this is regarding to the whole agency team that always takes an excellent care of the voyageurs. So I want to thank them all and especially to Dmitri, Ludmila who have followed my travels and Natalya, the interpreter for one day, and of course to Lili, the interpreter for all other days and all meetings . Good luck Lili, kisses to all and see you soon! …
May 13, 2009
I thank the whole team of the agency Uk’Reine (Lily, Lucy, Olga and Anna). I thank them for everything they did – all the meetings were very memorable. I recommend everyone who seeks his soul mate to confide in them.
Merci for everything.
April 20, 2009
Thanks to the whole agency team Uk’Reine for this very pleasant stay that allowed me to discover all the charms of Ukraine and part of Russia. I want to say a special thanks to Liliya for her kindness and availability. Hoping to see you next time.
Best wishes,
20/03/2009 – 04/02/2009
Having a skeptic nature and being a follower of the thought of Saint Thomas, I came and saw. The agency is very serious, trustworthy. The organization, the transfer is exellent. A very friendly and dedicated team that is presented and ready to raise up your desires. Thanks to the whole team who met me in the office and supported me with such kindness and sympatie. Hope to see you soon.
I want to thank the agency’s small friendly team. We come here with hopes of finding a person for our lives and we leave with much regret because all of you are so nice! I want to come back to Kharkov to see you, my friends!. P.S. Do not forget to come back with lots of chocolate for the girls team.
Thank you, Dimitri and all your team, especially Lili! The people in Kharkov are nice and friendly. I want to say to all the French, that women here are not what they are in France, they are more serious than others. As for me, I met a beautiful woman, I do not regret my trip to Kharkov.
Very warm friendly and helpful. Very nice company.
My name is Mathieu, I am 34 and I am from Bordo. I came to the agency in Kharkov, where I met Irina, who is a very nice girl and people from the agency are very nice, too.
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Merci for the very warm welcome to all the UkReine team. I spent a week full of new experiences. I will return shortly.
Thank you again.

I thank the whole team of the agency for arranging meetings with beautiful girls from Kharkov. I wish them good luck and maybe will see them soon.
Hello Dmitri! I had forgotten to fill the guestbook before I left, so take this letter and paste it. I congratulate your team for their professionalism, kindness, and its Director who has been listening to my well-being))). I have spent good time with Irina and everything happened very well. Elena, my interpreter, did a very good job.
I thank you very much! Michel Jean
Lots of beautiful meetings, security and sincerity. The agency takes care of everything, even happiness.
I keep good memories of KHARKOV and Tatiana especially. What remains to me is to write the “book of life”.
I want to thank you for my trip to Kharkov organized by your team, for the quality of apartment and organization. It permited to visit a beautiful city. And as for the meeting, I can confirm that the “Miss” was nice as she was advertised on your site! There were no problems. Thank you and I will visit you during my next trip to Kharkov, if I may! I hope my relationship will continue with the “Miss” in your city.
Sincerely thank you!
Thank the UkReine team for arranging my meeting with Tatiana in Kharkov in June. The director came himself to meet me at the airport in Kharkov. The whole team was great, they took care of everything – to find an apartment in the center of the city, a tour guide for visiting the city. I keep an unforgettable memory of Kharkov, with its churches and monuments of great beauty. I found a hospitable people, calm and not aggressive. I also visited Kiev with a guide from the agency. The “UkReine” agency makes its job very seriously. After several months of correspondence with Tatiana via the agency we finally met in Kharkov. I found a sensitive, kind woman full of moral qualities. I am going to visit her again in September 2004.
Hello dear friends! I do not know how to say thank you for your service and your help! I met Tetiana and a very deep love was born. We are pleased to inform that we were married on Saturday, November 6 in the town of Jeumont (my hometown). We will send you some pictures in memory of this great day. We hope to meet you at our next visit to Kharkov in a few months to thank you. Merci again for your help and support!
See you soon,
Pierre Fontenelle and Tetiana Surzhko