Farming dating

On-line dating for farmers with sincere Ukrainian and Russian girls from farmer area
After twelve years of excellent results in Dating between Western guys and Russian and Ukrainian ladies we are commencing a new programm. It is oriented to lonely farmers in Quebec and Canada and girls from Russia and Ukraine from village community or having a profession suited to rural areas: (veterinarian, milking etc.)

Why are we targeting farmers who live in rural areas?
The reason is that there are 35% more not married gentlemen in countryside compared to cities. Because 70% of growers are unmarried men. Because the situation in Ukraine is absolutely different – the majority of bachelors in rural areas are women Because there are lots of guys in countryside territories seeking on Google: on-line dating for farmers or farming dating

How to resolve the problem of single farmers?
It is hard to solve the problem of farmer dating with localresources in Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or New Brunswick. Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba or Nova Scotia ladiesare less numerous, are not heated by the farm work and insufficientearnings. The only settlement is an international marriage with girls from other countries, where women girls living in rural areas are more numerous, more acquainted to work in the country, more interested in a traditional family.

Why prefer an Ukrainian or Russian girl to an African or Asian woman?
There are some reasons. Here are some of them:
Mentality. A Russian or Ukrainian bride lives in a social, historical and cultural environment similar to that of Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia. The mentality of an African or Asian women is utterly different.
Appearance. Indeed there are beautiful girls in Africa and Asia. But their quantity is incomparable with the quantityof good-looking Ukrainian or Russian women.
Education. The thought that working in the rural and agriculture requires no education is false. The Ukraine still occupies the head positions for the amount of people with higher education (over 37%). For this reason it is very likely that your wife will be a doctor, agronomist, biologist or veterinarian.
Language. The vocabulary of Russian and English is identical at 15%. The similarity of grammars is even greater. Only 4 months of laborious courses and the Russian or Ukrainian woman can talk in English.
Geography. Ukraine is a state with a advanced agriculture, a very rich soil and a climate similar toQuebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia. They grow the same cultivations and raises the same animals as the in Canada. Moreover plane tickets to Ukraine are less expensive and safer than travel to Africa or Asia.

What to do?
We currently have in our database profiles of over 600 good-looking Russian or Ukrainian ladies. Most of these ladies are urban, but they don’t mind to move to a rural area. Just visit our site to see the pictures of Ukrainian ladies and type the first free letters. If your demands are very special regarding the field or experiences of ladies in agriculture (but you should remember that we are a dating agency and not an employment agency) and you can not find any girl among our participants, you can contact our office directly to be directed to our advisorfor your area. You can explain your demands, your search criteria. On the basis of this data we will passyour personalized ads in rural local newspapers of Kharkov in Ukraine.
(Example: Category: Farmers singles dating Text: Man, 51, farmer from Alberta desires to meet a beautiful Russain woman 30-40 years from countryside for serious relationship and marriage)
We’ll process the profiles of lonely ladies from the countryside who have responded and we’ll arrange your dates with these ladies. And of course we take care of all formalities for the visa, marriage and other support.