How to seduce a Russian girl

Many of men are full of prejudices that create obstacles when it comes to seduction of a woman, even though it’s much easier in fact. You will find here several clichés that are false and block your success with the women.

To seduce at ease you’ve got to be rich or famous

Partially, it’s true. If you are a rich or famous person, it’s clear that you have lots of possibilities for seduction, a lot more that a medium man has. Nevertheless, there are two objections to it: first, a very wealthy man, if he has no other qualities, mostly is attractive due to his money and rarely due to his personality. Second, the advantages of money or social position aren’t really much connected to seduction. Of course, they can make it easier, but it’s all about passive advantages, like you seduce because you’re a superstar, or because you’ve got piles of dough, and not because you’ve done something. However, seductiveness is a personal trait, it’s also an activity and it can’t be done passively. It helps whether you’re famous or unknown, rich or poor. One can seduce grace to the material possessions. But a good seducer is successful grace to his seduction capacity.
There is also another thing to consider. Never use a flaw of yours or something that you lack to justify a failure in seduction or not taking initiative. Nobody’s perfect and it’s very convenient to complain and blame the world and the ukrainian women of the frustration you can’t resolve. Any negative impression that you can have of the russian women are most likely caused by some of your personal frustration, in fact, each time that you consider a personal reason, you can be sure that you are mistaken. In general, apart from your personal fabrications, the women are what they are.

You’ve got to be handsome to seduce

Generally, you don’t have to be a celebrity to be able to seduce. Actually most of the Russian women don’t strive to it, or at least they are standing on their both two feet and are not waiting for a star to come to have them seduced. Ukrainian and Russian women think of their everyday life first of all. If you are able enough to reveal their imagination and dreams, you can seduce a lot. This program can show you good methods to master yourself and learn how to be part of this narrow circle of the brave and the frisky that don’t dread women and attract the most beautiful of them.


You’ve got to be handsome to seduce

Reality: Of course if you’re pretty it helps, but once again – a seducer seduces with his abilities, he does it actively, he doesn’t wait for a passive attribute to make it for him. Handsome men seduce only passively. And often they are not great seducers. As a result, the famous seducers only rarely were sex symbols. A good-looking man can seduce because with his look he can inspire dreams and fantasies of the woman. But the Russian woman is not thus attracted to because of the beauty but because of the things that the beauty invokes in her. If we manage to invoke similar emotions in her, if we can wake her imagination and we can inspire even the things that she did not think of, the dreams she did not know of, we can attract her even more.

Also, Ukrainian and Russian women like to be seduced by true men, they don’t look for pretty and delicate boys. Beauty is thus not so important for a man as it is for a woman. A man doesn’t have to be handsome to seduce a Ukrainian girl, a man who seduces is often manly, self-confident, romantic, courageous and so on. Shortly, he has all the typical men’s qualities that women like, and beauty is no more than an extra.


Be kind, agreeable and understanding and you’ll have sex

Reality: A man who is too kind or who is always available is often not interesting. Being kind and amicable is a very respected quality in what concerns friendship or social relationship, but it’s of horrible ineffectiveness in seduction. Don’t mix up romanticism and docile availability. A romantic man makes court to a woman, he’s sweet and gallant with her, but he does it all in a manly and interesting way. He has mysterious and unpredictable traits, and his deeds can be casual and unpredictable as well. He makes himself desired as many times as necessary. As a kind and agreeable person is completely predictable, he’s often a victim of the woman who he is interested in, he doesn’t attract her and depends on her patience. He often inspires insecurity and need of affection, these are human things but not interesting in the girls’ eyes.


Give advices to women and they’ll like you

Reality: This is false. You should avoid being an advisor or a therapist for a woman. A lot of men think that if they managed to make a woman open emotionally she would be interested in them. For example, a woman can ask her friend for an advise concerning her problems in the love life with another guy. It’s a typical case. If this woman’s interest towards you is no more than friendly, continue, you’ll do her good. But if you think that thinking to her problems you’ll attract her, you are losing your time. Russian and Ukrainian women are very good at categorizing men. They put you at once either in the category of a friend or that a pretender. A woman who considers you a friend won’t be interested in you only because you give her good advices. Russian and Ukrainian girls are attracted to men who seduce them, and not to understanding friends. If you’re but a complaisant friend, she’ll continue giving in to all those who is not so sensitive to understand her, and most probably she’ll return to you only to ask your opinion on her last affair.

Moreover, when a Russian woman has a therapist she uses him only to relieve her tensions, she has a tendency to transfer her negative emotions to him, which destructs all the affection she may have for her advisor. Of course certain Ukrainian girls can be interested in a man of the kind, but it’s very rare. Never be a therapist for a woman if you want her. The best you can do with a woman that interests you is seduce her, in the most appropriate way. Of course making her know or not that you’re interested in her depends on the circumstances, but in every case you’ve got to render yourself interesting, you shouldn’t make the mistake of becoming a therapist. There are thousands of professionals in psychoanalysis and you’re probably not one of them. So, avoid this attitude.


Seducing Ukrainian women is too difficult

Reality: This also is false. A quick seduction is no difficulty, it’s only an ability that one develops as many others. Once you’ve learned certain stratagems, succeeding in conquering the most dreamt of Ukrainian and Russian girls will be simple routine for you.

Don’t forget that learning a new ability always takes time. But once it’s learned, once you’ve understood seduction and acquired the techniques that help you awaken the interest of your someone, everything will look simpler. Everything is difficult the first time we try. But difficulty is necessary to obtain things and win. Seduction, like many things, is an art. Every art has its basis that one has to learn. And lots of talents develop and are discovered while learning the basis. With a good base, half of the way is behind. The rest depends on your creativity. If you’re here, it means that the subject is of interest to you — and half of the creativity is made of interest and motivation. Of course, it would be false to suggest that everyone can become great seducers. But seduction is an art easier than the art. If you learn the necessary basis, even though you’re not a great seducer, you’ll have at least all the means to make seduction easier for you and help you on your way which will be already familiar to you, with the marks already there.


Every Ukrainian girl has her own “type” of man and if you’re not of the type you can’t seduce her

Reality: You also have your own type up to the day when you discover that you like all the beautiful Russian women despite the type. This is what concerns men. Women are another story, but once again, it is not an archetype. Have you ever noticed that all the women who speak of their ideal type choose afterwards almost certainly someone of completely different looks? There are women who detest blond-haired men and like big dark-haired tanned studs, and in a year you see her with a bespectacled skinny ash-blond-headed guy. These things happen all the time and each of us has a chance to see at least two of his friends behave this way. Can you believe that there are even women that have no goal at all? Do you believe that all these women could have been so meek? In fact, no woman can tell for sure what she wants from a man. The most that they can name is what they think they wish about a man. And this is a huge difference. They think that they can personify in a physical model what they in fact are looking for in the personality. If you count that a woman can tell you what she wants and what behavior she expects from you, you are destroying on of the most charming aspects of a savage nature that the women like so much. More than this, the desires of a woman are often subconscious – not to say inconsistent – so they themselves can not express them truly. Don’t fall into this trap.


Seduction must be equitable and reciprocal

Reality: It would be fine, really, but it is false. It is in fact unjust that you must always take the first step.

Reality is that a Russian woman, by nature, never takes the first step (of course, there are exceptions too). She can send you messages, can try to make you understand that she likes you or that she’s well-disposed towards you. But she’ll never take the initiative. This is by nature the man’s task. Russian and Ukrainian women always expect the initiative to come from the man. It’s a lot less interesting for a woman to know that if she doesn’t take the first step there is nothing to do. Some women can ever renounce the guy that they like rather than take the initiative. Moreover, it’s less interesting. A man that doesn’t take the initiative is less attractive; he doesn’t correspond to the prerogatives of interesting men.

Despite all the social progress concerning equality, women will always be women. In addition, it’s exactly the taste of risk and the sensation of a conquest that stimulates a man the most. And the more that this conquest is a challenge, the more satisfactory it is. Even for a woman, there’s nothing more stimulating than having herself courted. These are fundamental tendencies of men and women, that centuries have not managed to change, how would you manage to do this? It’s nature, not culture that is the source of these customs. Even in animal world, it’s always the male that chases the female in heat, except in very seldom cases. So, accept your masculine nature and start enjoying it, discover the sort of satisfaction that you may have forgotten to wish.


If a woman does not display a distinct interest, she’s not interested in you

Reality: It’s not always the case. Do not confine too much to the woman’s mood or her apparent actions. She can be crazy about you and not give you any sign to make you understand it. It can be even more: sometimes a woman can provoke you and not behave towards you same as towards the others precisely because she likes you. It’s contradictory, but such are Russian women. They are not always logical. One says often that it’s hard to understand a woman because women often do things that don’t make sense to a man. Also a woman may simply be in a bad mood. Or she is in a situation where she can’t express herself freely. Or she is testing you. And so on, there can be thousands of reasons. The fact that a woman treats you coldly is not proof that she’s not interested in you. You can check literature and cinema, there are lots of examples. With this program you can learn to understand the female nature better, you’ll be less surprised of their often unpredictable reactions, and you’ll develop the typical qualities that will give you a lot more confidence in difficult situations.


If a woman doesn’t know you well, she won’t go to bed with you

Reality: It’s not a rule, it depends uniquely on the circumstances. Often, it’s happens exactly vice versa. The female fantasy of an adventure with a stranger is very well-known. This is to say that it’s often easier for a woman to let herself be seduced by a person that is not part of her everyday life. For example, you travel to an unknown city or land, you meet a woman, she’ll have fewer inhibitions towards you because nobody knows you, nobody will judge her actions or choice. If, on the contrary, you’re part of her company, her working environment, her friends, or places she knows, it’s more difficult. But even in this case everything depends on the circumstances.

So the rule to remember is as follows: always think in terms of circumstances, never let yourself be influenced by the common sense, by the prejudices of the others or your own, or by the things that you hear from the women: a woman nearly never allows herself free expression, never speaks out her dreams or desires. Always act according to the circumstances and what you see as a potential advantage. Of course it’s not always easy to understand if you really have a good opportunity each time there is one. But it makes part of necessary habits of a seducer — when you learn to seduce you’ll be equally capable of losing no opportunity and detecting if not all of them, then at least the better part.
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