Do Single Ukrainian women really dream to date a foreign man? An insight from a real single Ukrainian woman

How to Date a Mature Russian or Ukrainian Woman?

A beautiful Russian woman (from Russian speaking countries created from the former Soviet Republics), as a rule, is family-oriented, nice-looking and care about their looks, educated, good housekeepers, aiming for stability in life and value long-term loving, respectful and caring relationship. She is kindhearted, loving and passionate, able to understand her man. Besides, Russian women for marriage are simply exotic to the men abroad.

Due to all characteristics mentioned above single Ukrainian women can be considered a valuable asset for relationship and marriage. What are the chances a Ukrainian bride would prefer a foreigner to local men?

In my opinion, it depends on the girl’s age, previous relationship / marriage experience, general values and motivation to adapt herself to a foreign country, other mentality and language, cultural background, new social and family roles in the motherland of her foreign love.Let’s discuss each factor in detail.



For young girls from 18 till 25-year old (sometimes even up to 30), the possibility to date a foreigner seriously without playing games is not common. Yes, due to the fact that our world becomes more globalized every day, young people can meet and develop something meaningful while studying or travelling abroad or in web.

But it is next to impossible to imagine a model-looking 18-year-old smiling Ukrainian beauty to be ever serious about a marriage with a 45-70-year-old foreign gent. She may want expensive gifts but not to grow old hand in hand until the death threshold. Such girls are simply so much popular in the native sceneries and still very young to care about serious relations especially when age gap between her and her foreign fan is greater than Niagara Falls doubling or trippling the age of her father.

Russian women for marriage after 45-47, with exceptions that still prove the rule, do not ordinarily fancy a foreigner because in elder age it is more difficult to change one’s lifestyle or mindset, adapt oneself to the habits of a spouse, accept family roles and expectations from relationship in the foreign background.

Therefore, the age group of the most motivated and serious single Ukrainian women willing to try herself as a foreign bride can vary from 26-27-year-old till 50-year-old women.

Previous relathionship / marriage experience

Unfortunately, divorces are very common in Ukraine. Due to early marriage age, immature relationships, poor financial situation or domestic problems, internal conflicts in the couple, or other reasons round 60 % of all marriages in Ukraine come to divorce within the first five years. Immature spouse are usually unable to face the music of everyday family routine. By statistics up to 60 % of the divorced men in Ukraine marry again and almost 70% of the divorced women remain officially single.
Therefore, the Ukrainian bride best motivated for a foreign marriage will be most probably divorced or with a negative experience from the previous local relationship. And possibly with a kid of two.

Common Values

Having become more mature but still with a big loving heart a beautiful Russian woman often chooses foreign partners who, in her opinion, are more family-oriented and can certainly value strong homefront. Besides, life abroad seems better and more attractive as the neighbor grass seems always greener. So many single Ukrainian girls search for better life out of the country developing a brighter future for herself and kids. Sometimes they choose nationalities who do not drink alcohol due to religious or cultural reasons.

Finally, to build, face and fully accept a new life with a foreign husband a Ukrainian bride should be more than motivated to study a new language, to deal with cultural diversities, and , the most important, to respect her beloved to become more happy together.

To facilitate the effective matchmaking with a foreign man single Ukrainian women usually contact reputable Ukraine dating agency.

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